Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Watch Pratigya Episodes Online

HINDI333.COM giving opportunity to watch hindi drama serial "Pratigya" online. Get free update of “Pratigya” is a source of Hindi channels in which include “star plus”. Watch “Pratigya” Online for free. Latest episodes of “Pratigya”.

Schedule: 10 to 10.30 (Mon-Fri) on Star Plus Last Updated: 21-May-2012

The show’s main protagonist, Pratigya is her father- Shyamji Saxena’s pride. She is beautiful girl who loves helping her mother at home. She feels lucky that her family allowed her to complete her education unlike her other friends. After her schooling she was sent to Lucknow to complete her graduation only on one condition that she will have to return back to Allahabad and get married. She returns to Allahabad after completing her graduation and agrees to get engaged to a boy her family has selected for her. She is simple, cultured and traditionally rooted girl. She talks to everyone with lot of respect. She is a believer of non violence and firmly believes worst scenarios can be sorted by just talking to one another. She believes in helping people get their rights. Like her father she too believes that education is the key to happy life. Pratigya is very close to her mother and younger sister Arushi.

Pratigya 22nd June 2012 Episode 
Pratigya 21st June 2012 Episode  
Pratigya 20th June 2012 Episode  
Pratigya 19th June 2012 Episode  
Pratigya 18th June 2012 Episode 
Pratigya 15th June 2012 Episode 
Pratigya 14th June 2012 Episode
Pratigya 13th June 2012 Episode 
Pratigya 12th June 2012 Episode
Pratigya 11th June 2012 Episode
Pratigya 8th June 2012 Episode
Pratigya 7th June 2012 Episode
Pratigya 6th June 2012 Episode
Pratigya 5th June 2012 Episode
Pratigya 4th June 2012 Episode
Pratigya 1st June 2012 Episode   
                         Pratigya 31st May 2012 Episode                        

                         Pratigya 30th May 2012 Episode

                          Pratigya 29thMay 2012 Episode

                          Pratigya 28thMay 2012 Episode

Pratigya 25th May 2012 Episode
Pratigya 24th May 2012 Episode
Pratigya 23rd May 2012 Episode
Pratigya 22nd May 2012 Episode
Pratigya 21st May 2012 Episode

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