Thursday, 24 May 2012

Watch Crime Patrol Episodes Online

HINDI333.COM giving opportunity to watch hindi drama serial “Crime Patrol online. Get free update of “Crime Patrol” is a source of Hindi channels in which include “Sony Tv”. Watch “Crime Patrol” Online for free. Latest episodes of “Crime Patrol”.

Going beyond the drama of police action in a crime situation, the show also aims to look into the “why” behind a crime. Police action on one hand gives the show the edge of how the law keepers bring the culprits to book or stop a crime from being committed. On the other hand, the show will also be looking at the sociological aspect behind a crime- both from the victim as well as the criminal’s side. Of course the overall approach would be neutral and not intending to take sides anywhere.

Crime Patrol 16th june 2012 Episode
Crime Patrol 15th june 2012 Episode
Crime Patrol 9th june 2012 Episode
Crime Patrol 8th june 2012 Episode

 Crime Patrol 2nd june 2012 Episode
                        Crime Patrol 1st june 2012 Episode

Crime Patrol 26th May 2012 Episode
Crime Patrol 25th May 2012 Episode

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